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Jewelry Care

PlainFace creates beautiful accessories crafted to last. Although our products are durable, you must use special care.

Safety. Our products are for adults. Small children should not use or come in contact with our bracelets due to possible choking hazards.

Water. Never expose your bracelet to water or any liquids. All pieces are made from high quality wood - wood should not get wet. Also, we suggest removing your bracelet before exercising or any activity that can cause excessive body sweat that can damage your bracelet.

Substances. Avoid substances such as oils, lotions, perfumes that can cause damage to your bracelet. Remove your bracelet when cooking or performing other activities that could expose your bracelet to substances that can cause damage.

Storage. Keep your bracelet in the provided microfiber pouch when not being used. This protects the bracelet from scratching and limits oxidization to the silver.

Cleaning. A soft cloth can be used to clean off any dirt. A polishing cloth can be used to polish any silver.

Allergies. If you are sensitive to certain woods, some of our bracelets may cause an allergic reaction as they are natural, woods. They are polished but not treated with any chemicals.